Demand Generation interview with Ahmed Taleb of Bulldog Solutions

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bulldog Solution’s expert on B2B demand generation, Mr. Ahmed Taleb, today — which I share with my readers. Main Point: Marketing Needs to Go Back to the Basics and Rebuild the Fundamentals. The Interview: In the absence of a quality demand generation program, how is a company adversely impacted?… Read More

My interview with Paul Dunay, Global Director of Integrated Marketing for BearingPoint

For my upcoming white paper on Demand Generation, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Dunay of BearingPoint, who is also the author of a very popular blog entitled Buzz Marketing for Technology. Main Conclusion: Marketing is a Arms Race with free compelling content as the weapons of battle. Questions asked with Paul’s answers: What… Read More

Tactical sales tools — getting though to customers

I had the opportunity to visit a very interesting company in New Jersey this week, Acrelic Interactive and see their product, WarpSales.    As a longtime user of a competitive product, I was very interested in the capabilities of WarpSales, and I wish to share what I learned with my readers. The vast majority of phone… Read More

Expert Advice for B2B Marketing: The Top 5 Tips from Our Thought Leaders

Dear Reader, My mission is to help companies and sales teams become fearless competitors — so I want to share ideas to help.  The company below has hired yours truly to write a white paper on Demand Generation “How To.”  So I wish to share a very good article by their VP, Marketing on Lead… Read More

“Timing Is Email’s Trump Card”, Special Guest Post by Elie Ashery, CEO of Golden Lasso

The most common question I hear is about email is timing.  As I help companies become fearless competitors, I want to share ideas to help you crush the competition. The key to email marketing is getting your emails opened and read.  Human nature is to hit the Delete key ASAP.  So I’m often asked: How… Read More

So much value, but prospects don’t listen

If your sales teams are going to become fearless competitors, they must be able to engage prospective clients. so let’s look at a problem that vexes many sales teams — the inability to develop quality leads. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this message: Prospects are stupid (CEO of a PPC… Read More

The Four Fundamentals of Successful Asia Pacific Market Entry — a guest post

After 20 years of bringing American entrepreneurial IT companies to markets across Asia Pacific, I have learned that there are four crucial elements to successful Asia market entry. They are: Market, Offering, Strategy and Team. The answers to the critical questions for each element will vary across the extremely diverse nations of Asia Pacific including… Read More

The State of B2B Sales 2009 — by CSO Insights

Every year I love the arrival of this document — it is a fascinating read. I am shocked by the mistakes made by business leaders in selecting, training, compensation and managing salespeople.  Every year CSO Insights does an in-depth study of sales that presents the reader with hard facts for decision making.  Every leader responsible… Read More