Marketing’s New Paradigm

On December 28, 2005, The Wall Street Journal reported that the yield on long-term bonds had dropped below the rate on short term bonds — an unusual occurrence that often precedes a downturn in the economy. Just what the much-beleaguered software industry needs — more bad news! The economy may be beginning to slow, which… Read More

Worst to First – How I won a Sales Deal

Here’s a personal sales story… In the software business, companies like to do a “Proof of Concept,” (POC) in which the users install the software, test it and report which one they like best. What happens when your company is invited to participate and your software finishes dead last? Is the deal lost? Not necessarily.… Read More

A Great Lesson — from sports world

Update 5/12/2011 Charlie Weis is now the offensive coordinator at Florida. He turned out to be a great recruiter and poor player developer. Brian Kelly (Cincinnati) is now the Notre Dame football coach. __ The institution was legendary — even mythic. But her glory had grown faded and tattered. Her CEO of her leading division… Read More

The Malaise in Software — What is it, Why and What Ought I to Do?

The Malaise in Software. Why it is happening and what to do about it? Sorry, but the news is grim. The customers are unhappy and rebellious.“Unhappy Returns” Over the past year, have your IT investments produced the returns you expected?A whopping 40% say “No.” BPM magazine “Most users are not very satisfied with their… Read More