I’ve seen the future of search, and it’s social

B2B Lead Generation: Social Becomes an Important Element in Search According to the Wall St. Journal today: Google Inc. is offering to add a twist to Web searches, in a bold offensive to prevent Facebook Inc. and other social-networking companies from gaining an upper hand on Web innovation and potential advertising dollars. The Internet search… Read More

B2B Lead Generation: The Power of Video

Do Salespeople Need More Leads? Yes, Indeed! B2B Lead Generation Using Online Video One of the key theme in B2B marketing is video. Should you have a YouTube channel? Yes, you should. Want to see a great example of a B2B video? Look at what the supply chain software company, Kinaxis, (winner of our B2B… Read More

What do B2B salespeople think of their company’s lead generation?

B2B Lead Generation: Looking for better results i feel sorry for B2B salespeople today. A recent study by the Bridge Group shared some interesting data.  Steve Dodge posted a blog article about it. Here’s a summary: What percentage of your marketing-generated leads fit your sweet spot? Answer: Only 3 out of 10. The other 7… Read More

B2B Lead Generation: Social Marketing to the Business Customer

Do Salespeople want more leads? Yes, indeed! B2B Lead Generation using social media No, this is not about the new book, but rather some insights for business executives on social media. Here is one big problem. Businesses and buyers are miles apart. Businesses think prospective buyers are looking for product information and research. But most… Read More

Initiative isn’t Given; You Take It

Sales Lead Generation – Take the initiative Love this concept by Seth Godin. Waiting for that acceptance letter? Waiting for an invitation? Stop waiting! Create your own future. Pick up the phone. Send the email. Go visit them. Create a presentation and send it via FedEx. Make something happen. Loved this line: The past is… Read More

B2B Lead Generation: New Expert Author page from Evan Carmichael

Lead Generation Companies – and an expert authors page This network is home to some of the most famous authors in the USA and we have a new Expert Author’s page there. We’re quite proud of it. We’d love your visit. Click on the words below or the picture. B2B Lead Generation Strategies – Jeff… Read More

Poke the Box – Review of Seth Godin’s new book

Do Salespeople want more sales leads? Yes, indeed! (paying homage to the late great Dr. Seuss.) B2B Lead Generation by taking Initiative What is Poke the Box and what does it mean to you? I recently hosted the B2B track at the Aprimo Marketing Summit, where one of the keynote speakers was Seth Godin, the… Read More