3 Ways to Improve Attendance at your (Business) Party

Not fun, right. But businesses deal with this problem every day. They create content like white papers, webinars, etc. and pray for attendance. Our goal here is to share 3 ideas from party planners. Here’s an example: Aprimo planned a series of 10 marketing initiatives based on customer research. Great idea right? The problem Aprimo… Read More

My interview with NY Times best-selling author, Sharon Drew Morgen (via )

Very interesting interview with an innovative sales expert. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Sharon Drew Morgen, author of the new book entitled, Dirty Little Secrets: Why Sales Can't Sell; Customers Can't Buy; and What You Can Do About It.  You can listen to my interview with her by clicking on Interview with Sharon… Read More

Brian Kardon, CMO of Eloqua – interviewed by the Fearless Competitor – Part 2

Did you miss last Friday’s hilarious episode of “60 Seconds” It was our best show ever! Eloqua is one of the most innovative marketing companies out there. Now their CMO, Brian Kardon, sits down with the Fearless Competitor for a very interesting interview. If you missed Part 1, click here to read it. In this… Read More

New “demand generation cheat sheets” coming from Find New Customers

Did you miss the hilarious “60 Seconds Show” on Friday? Watch it and laugh! As many of you know, we created the classic demand generation white paper How to Find New Customers over a year ago, thanks to our good friends at Marketo. How to Find New Customers is a “how to” manual on lead… Read More

An integrated marketing framework

Let’s look at how to do integrated marketing. Let’s start with a really good white paper. Option 1: Post it and pray Option 2: Post it Create a really strong landing page around a single business issue. Add an offer and call to action. Interview the author in a video (YouTube) Strip out the audio… Read More

“Personality” 60 Seconds with the Fearless Competitor – Episode 20

In this fun and witty show, the Fearless Competitor discusses what’s missing from most B2B websites – Personality. He strongly advocates injecting fun into marketing and shares a very funny example. We hope you enjoy this week’s show and tune in next Friday for a new episode of “60 Seconds with the Fearless Competitor.” Add… Read More

8 Essential Elements of Demand Generation

(We wish to reuse this earlier article as it contains useful information for B2B marketers and we fixed all the links in it too.) Add to: Facebook | Digg | Del.icio.us | Stumbleupon | Reddit | Blinklist | Twitter | Technorati | Yahoo Buzz | Newsvine In a recent meeting of the Sales Association, I… Read More

My interview of the Director of Marketing at Kinaxis

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Kirsten Watson, Director of Marketing at Kinaxis. Thank you, Kirsten. Don’t know Kinaxis? They are one of the savviest marketing companies on Earth and they have a wonderful sense of humor, despite competing with Goliaths like Oracle and SAP. We’re planning to take Kirsten’s interview and create a… Read More

6 Principles of “Sticky” B2B Marketing Content

B2B marketers #1 problem is creating “engaging” content, as per the recent Junta42/MarketingProfs study. We can summarize this problem as: We create stuff and share it No one wants to read or watch it YAWN To help marketers create engaging content, it think it would help to provide a simple guide to what engaging content… Read More