The 7 Second Test for B2B Marketers

At the Social Media Camp on Long Island last week, we got into an interesting discussion about how to get attention to drive sales leads. When I shared the “7 Second Test,” one of the experts agreed “That’s why every comedian makes sure his first joke is his best.  That’s what grabs the audience.” The… Read More

5 Tips for Developing Strong Buyer Personas (via )

Great post and now with sharing buttons, by the Fearless Competitor. Buyer Personas are the foundation of great B2B marketing. Without personas, you simply cannot be great at demand generation. Personas are needed to tell you where to launch your campaigns, what topics to cover, what content you need, etc. To understand why personas are… Read More

Believe Me – the Story-Telling Manifesto

One of my passions is helping B2B marketers leverage the power of great story-telling. I posted a blog article entitled “5 Lessons for a B2B Marketer from “Breaking Bad.” The post was very popular but controversial. Everyone except one person  said it was outstanding.  The one naysayer said the story telling was cheap and deceptive.… Read More

60 Seconds with the Fearless Competitor – Episode 7 – Content

Here’s our regular Friday show — short and sweet.  Hope you enjoy it. Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor, is the President of Find New Customers “Lead Generation Made Simple.” a lead generation company. While you’ll find a plethora of experts, Find New Customers is the simple place to learn and share lead generation ideas. He’s also an… Read More

How to create a great case study

Did you miss yesterday’s post on the “6 Keys to B2B Marketing Today?” Check it out if you did. Case studies – results clients get from the use of your company’s products and services – is one of the most useful tools in the salesperson’s arsenal.  But how do you create a great case study?… Read More

6 Keys to B2B Marketing Success Today

Download a free PDF of this by visiting Find New Customers. With fewer than 1/2 of all salespeople making quota (CSO Insights) and almost 8 out of 10 saying they don’t have enough high quality leads (MarketingSherpa), it’s painfully obvious that times have changed and companies need to adapt. How can more salespeople make quota,… Read More

The All-Star Cast of Thought Leader Interviews

Over the month of May and early June, I had a chance to interview some of the sharpest minds in business to business and business to consumer marketing and sales. Before we share the list of experts, let’s examine some key conclusions — the marketing take-ways, if you will. Planning is imperative.  Need a deep understanding… Read More

5 Ways to Integrate Sales and Marketing

(We’re proud that Marketo featured our highly acclaimed white paper, How to Find New Customers, on their Marketing Resources page. Thank you.) Take our Linkedin poll. What do you think of Marketing Automation? Every expert in sales and marketing today says the same thing. You simply must integrate sales and marketing in your business.  Leads… Read More