Surprise – powerful way to engage prospective buyers

In an earlier article this week, we discussed how doing the unexpected is a great way to engage the minds of prospective buyers.  This is so important, we should look at other examples. Let’s look at an illustration from the book Made to Stick. The television commercial for the new Enclave minivan opens in a… Read More

The sorry state of sales today – from Jim Dickie of CSO Insights

Attended Selling Power  Webinar: 2010 Sales Performance Challenges; Jim Dickie and Gerhard Gschwandtner recently and heard one of my favorite presenters, Jim, present a litany of sorry statistics from the beginning of 2009 (undoubtedly worse today), which I share with my readers: 59% — the percentage of salespeople who exceeded quota (the lowest ever measured)… Read More

Improve lead generation with great marketing content

In this day and age, when it is harder than ever to get attention, let’s look at the concepts from the book, Made to Stick. According to the research done by Chip and Dan Heath, great content exhibits these characteristics: Simple — it’s quick and easy.  Take a proverb like “A Bird in the Hand.”… Read More

The Curse of Knowledge

This concept, which I have witnessed over and over, especially in the technology industry, was illustrated wonderfully in the book, Made to Stick.  It was also in a great eBook by David Meerman Scott called the Gobbledygook Manifesto, which you can obtain at Find New Customers in the eBook section. The concept of Curse of… Read More

Top expert in Content Marketing, just for Insiders

We have a great guest speaker for March 11, 2010 at noon Eastern — the #1 expert in content marketing — just for Insiders at Find New Customers. Sorry, but if you are not an Insider, you cannot attend.  (read on to learn how to become an Insider for free.) Joe Pulizzi is co-author of… Read More

Marketo’s Secret Sauce (for Lead Generation) and a great guest for March

Thanks to Jon Miller, VP Marketing at Marketo for presenting to our Insiders at Find New Customers. We hold monthly events with great guest speakers like Jon on the first Thursday of every month at 2:00pm ET. (However, our March event is rescheduled to March 11th at 12 noon ET and features the #1 expert… Read More

The right way to hire salespeople

In writing my new white paper, the Definitive Guide to Making Quota, I had the good fortune to interview five of top sales experts: 1. Jill Konrath of Selling to Big Companies 2. Kendra Lee of The KLA Group 3. Kevin Temple of Enterprise Selling 4. Jim Dickie of CSO Insights 5. Dave Stein of ES… Read More

How a guest post opened new doors and opportunities

Recently I had the opportunity to pen an article for Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing at HubSpot.   I penned an article on one of my favorite topics — story-telling, which prompted a lot of comments, but some interesting ones too.  And it really fleshed out my thoughts.  Before I share my new connections and… Read More

Inbound Marketing is the future, but are you ready?

There is no question in my mind. Inbound marketing is the wave of the future. Gentle touches mapped to buyer personas and other variables. But there’s a fundamental problem. Most businesses are not ready to embrace it. HubSpot has a great blog article about the differences between outbound and inbound marketing.  I suggest you read it for more background… Read More

B2B Lead Generation: Map marketing content across buying cycle and personas

Find New Customers hosted a webinar featuring Jon Miller, VP, Marketing at Marketo.  Jon shared his “secret sauce” for lead generation. It was an excellent webinar for all of our Insiders at Find New Customers. (You can watch Jon and my webinar on demand at the Thought Leadership page at Find New Customers) One of… Read More