Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

B2B Demand Generation| Do you use a Fixed or Growth Mindset? In reading the New York Times best seller Switch – How to Change Things When Change is Hard, I read about a fascinating concept I wish to share with the readers here. Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset. Do these comments sound familiar? “He’s not… Read More

Why change a prospect’s lead nurturing process?

I was asked that question by my former boss, Chuck Schaeffer, CEO of A p l i c o r — the software as a service provider of  CRM and ERP software. It was a great question and undoubtedly a question a lot of marketers face.  I thought it would be helpful to share some… Read More

How Jeff Ogden landed a top marketing job

(Update since this was written. I have left this company, A p l i c or. Their CEO at the time decided, without warning, that they needed deep industry experience. He also ripped my white paper for not having enough company and product content. Please note that this white paper became Definitive Guide to Making… Read More