Use Offers to move deals forward

I attended the Inbound Marketing University and heard a great presentation by Russell Kern of the Kerg Organization.  He can be reached at rkern at Why is this important? Up to 80% of leads are never followed up. Only 13% of leads buy in the first 90 days. C-levels don’t want to talk to… Read More

The state of lead generation today with Jim Dickie of CSO Insights

Jim Dickie, Managing Partner of CSO Insights sat down with the Fearless Competitor to share insights and takeaways from their recent Lead Generation Optimization study in which they surveyed 525 companies.   The data was shocking.  Let me summarize it for you here. CSO Insights has been doing studies for 17 years, so they have… Read More

Ask your toughest questions. Live Q&A with the Fearless Competitor 6/24/09

As businesses struggle to drive revenue in this tough economy, marketing and sales professionals face big challenges. They will soon be able to ask anything they wish of a real expert, the Fearless Competitor. This Wednesday, June 24th, from 9am to 5pm ET, you can Tweet any question you wish to @jeff_ogden with hashtag #fearless… Read More

Measuring impact of social media

Some very interesting data from Laura Ramos of Forrester Research.    It seems that marketers are not practicing what they preach.  I invite you to read Laura’s entire presentation, but here’s a quick snapshot Back on June 3rd 2009, Laura Ramos gave a presentation entitled Engagement: Measuring the Impact of Social Media.  I summurize her… Read More

My Company is Blogging and Tweeting: Now What Do We Do?

Forrester B2B Marketing Analyst Laura Ramos I am pleased to share this great post from in which they interview marketing guru Laura Ramos of Forrester.  Here’s a link to the orginal article. Here’s the article: Recently, I had the great pleasure of talking with Forrester’s B2B marketing guru, Laura Ramos, about the emerging social media… Read More

Insights from How to Find New Customers

Every day I hear how bad the economy is.  The news is filled with layoffs, store closings, and more and more bad news.  In fact, MySpace announced layoffs yesterday.  It’s all doom and gloom. Or is it?  Life goes on.  Business gets done and I’m not known as the Fearless Competitor for nothing.   This… Read More

What do CMOs and Sales 2.0 Junkies Have In Common?

Guest post by Mike Damphousse, Green Leads This past week I was lucky enough to attend both the CMO Club Summit in New York, and the Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston. There was a definite overlap of key discussion points that I believe is critical for all sales and marketing execs to consider. These are the areas that… Read More