Infographics are great for Content Marketing

Jeff Ogden (follow me on Twitter at @fearesscomp) of Find New Customers, the most likeable company in B2B marketing today is partnered with Likeable Local, who uses Hubspot and they have a very popular blog. If you need new customers, visit Find New Customers.

Likeable Local is Social Media Marketing Software to make YOU more Successful. (My favorite marketing word is YOU, because it’s all about you.)

They even created this mobile site for Find New Customers here, which you should use from your mobile phone or iPad. Every business needs a mobile website today.

Check out my LinkedIn profile at the top right and you’ll see that I’m the President of the Business Marketing Association of Tampa Bay, which is a great honor. We need board members please, especially a Treasurer.  Send an email to Jeff L Ogden at gmail,com.

Find New Customers is also partnered with the St. Pete Chamber of Commerce, to meet business owners here in Tampa Bay, since I moved down here a few months ago.

Infographics are great pieces for content marketing and this is one I found on Hubspot’s blog, so I want to share it with our readers. It does say Rights are Reserved, so I hope we are okay. It’s their content and not mine.

Thank you Hubspot and all the best to our business partner Likeable Local too.

Check out their CEO, Dave Kerpen (follow him here at @davekepen).

Here’ the promo he did for Marketing Made Simple TV and it’s only 9 seconds long, so check it out.

Dave Kerpen
Dave Kerpen of Likeable Local

Let’s share one of their most popular content marketing examples, an infographic on Creating Customer Profiles by both Hubspot and Salesforce.

Thank you Salesforce and Hubspot.

This will teach you how to profile your customers and Buyer Personas is a service of Find New Customers.

Thanks to, I have all the training materials from the class I took at the Buyer Persona Institute.

Thank you for this, Hubspot.

Hope every marketer finds this helpful and I cordially invite you to visit Find New Customers to get our eBooks, watch our videos and download our white paper How to Find New Customers: the Definitive Guide to Driving Demand for your Products and Services, and check out our Media Page too.


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