The Awesome Power of Stories in Marketing

Does your marketing team tell stories to your buyers?

Jeff Ogdeno, the award-winning marketing expert and President o f Find New Customers is a big believer in the awesome power of stories in marketing today.

Good thing we did not throw out our old Acer laptop, because while Geek Squad at Best Buy fixes Outlook 2013 on our new Lenovo Yoga 2 laptop, we have a computer to use.

Glad to have the nice folks at my former employer fixing Outlook 2013 and since I worked for them, I documented everything they might need.

The Acer is a lot clunkier than the rocket-fast touch screen Lenovo Yoga 2, but it works and Outlook 2010 works too,

Every Sunday evening, 60 Minutes comes on CBS TV. News, right? No! Stories.

Find New Customers is now an official partner of Likeable Local in Florida Dave-Kerpenand we are very excited about this because their CEO, Dave Kerpen was a guest on Marketing Made Simple TV and I interviewed him on that show There is nothing better than partnering with a past show guest.

Their team has now worked  on the Find New Customers logo to brand their great social media marketing tools as a Find New Customers product. Awesome!

storiesIn the Wall Street Journal, there was an article about how Netflix was attacked by an activist.  Most CEOs got into trouble with activists, but not Netflix.

Instead, he showed him one of my favorite stories, the show House of Cards with Kevin Spacey.

If you have not seen House of Cards on Netflix, I highly recommend it.  It’s one of my favorite shows.

If your marketing team wants to get better attention from buyers, tell stories!

I miss my new Lenovo Yoga 2 laptop which is lighting fast which I bought from Best Buy recently,

I used to work for Best Buy in Westbury, New York (before my nasty injury) and I knew exactly what computer I wanted when I walked in the door. Thank you, Best Buy!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Find New Customers!

What do you think?  We love comments (Not SPAM) and those who share our posts on social media.  As my friend Jay Baer once said “Content is fire.  Social Media is gasoline.”  Please help me build an inferno.

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