2016 is the year to improve marketing

I believe marketing needs to dramatically improve this year.  Forget blasting emails and using ads.  Time to get smarter, I believe. Aberdeen found that almost 3/4 of the purchase is over when your salesperson meets them around Christmas.  That means customers are in power today. Here are three things marketers need to do: Know customers… Read More

The Awesome Power of Stories in Marketing

Does your marketing team tell stories to your buyers? Jeff Ogdeno, the award-winning marketing expert and President o f Find New Customers is a big believer in the awesome power of stories in marketing today. Good thing we did not throw out our old Acer laptop, because while Geek Squad at Best Buy fixes Outlook… Read More

The World-Class Network of Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers

One of the most important assets of anyone in marketing today is their network. And I’m proud of my network – for good reason. Please vote for Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers for the SLMA marketing award. You have to register for the Sales Lead Management Association, but it’s free and you vote for… Read More

Why’s it important to get LinkedIn connections?

The award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers explains how you can get better results from LinkedIn. If people are connecting with you on LinkedIn, why should you care? This will answer your questions about LinkedIn. And please note that we have View My Linkedin Profile at the top right of this blog.… Read More

My Team is Behind on our Numbers. We are struggling to catch up.

Those words came from a sales representative  in the Boston area yesterday.  I felt sorry for this sales guy. In my mind, companies struggling to make their numbers on the last few days of Q3, like this company, have a failure in marketing. Marketing is a business investment that takes time to pay off.  For… Read More

Buying software is easy. Fixing Lead Generation is hard.

B2B Lead Generation | Buying stuff is easy – fixing problems is hard. If you want to make sales quota in 2012, get started today! Right now! Immediately! SaaS marketing automation products like Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua and the like are very, very easy to buy. Give them a credit card, they give you a login.… Read More

How to Get More Linkedin Recommendations

B2B Lead Generation | Linkedin Recommendations Linkedin is the premier business social network and to have a good profile, you need recommendations.  But how? Every business person needs a Linkedin profile – with a photo and recommendations. The photo is easy, but how do you go about getting recommendations? Most profiles that I’ve seen have… Read More

7 Keys to BtoB Social Media Success

B2B Demand Generation | 7 Keys to BtoB Social Media Success Social media is young and red-hot, but businesses, especially companies that sell complex products (software, hardware, insurance, etc.) struggle to get their arms around this exciting new capability. Precisely because it is so new – companies are continually trying to get their arms around… Read More

How Businesses Use Social Media for Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Erica Swallow of Mashable posted this and with so many out of work (and I was personally featured in the book Get Back to Work Faster), I deemed it important to share – and I LOVE infographics. Thanks Erica. Erica’s bio follows the post. ______ Savvy job seekers have turned to digital and social media… Read More