5 Reasons Your Company Should Be Blogging

Find New Customers, the most likeable company in B2B marketing, is now partnered with a great company in New York City called Likeable Local “Social Media Marketing that makes YOU More Successful.” We’re deeply honored to be their partner in Tampa – for dentists and chiropractors especially, which is a huge business in this area and… Read More

The Awesome Power of Stories in Marketing

Does your marketing team tell stories to your buyers? Jeff Ogdeno, the award-winning marketing expert and President o f Find New Customers is a big believer in the awesome power of stories in marketing today. Good thing we did not throw out our old Acer laptop, because while Geek Squad at Best Buy fixes Outlook… Read More

The World-Class Network of Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers

One of the most important assets of anyone in marketing today is their network. And I’m proud of my network – for good reason. Please vote for Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers for the SLMA marketing award. You have to register for the Sales Lead Management Association, but it’s free and you vote for… Read More

Why’s it important to get LinkedIn connections?

The award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers explains how you can get better results from LinkedIn. If people are connecting with you on LinkedIn, why should you care? This will answer your questions about LinkedIn. And please note that we have View My Linkedin Profile at the top right of this blog.… Read More

My Team is Behind on our Numbers. We are struggling to catch up.

Those words came from a sales representative  in the Boston area yesterday.  I felt sorry for this sales guy. In my mind, companies struggling to make their numbers on the last few days of Q3, like this company, have a failure in marketing. Marketing is a business investment that takes time to pay off.  For… Read More

Florida gets its own BtoB demand generation agency – Find New Customers

Florida gets its own marketing agency, Find New Customers – the nicest company in BtoB marketing today. Why does that matter? As companies face consistent challenges in sales and marketing and profits fall, they find it harder and hard to tackle things like: Buyer Personas Content Marketing Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring Social Media Most companies lack… Read More

Trust and the Big Lie of Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation: Capturing Accurate Information on Forms Last Friday, someone filled out this form to download content. It’s exactly the theme of this post. People lie. (By the way, we no longer deliver the content after the form is completed, we email a link to the content. This ensures they use a valid email… Read More

What is the ROI of Social Media?

Scott Stratten of Unmarketing created a compelling case in his post: THINGS WE SHOULD ASK THE ROI QUESTION ABOUT BEFORE SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is about conversations. So why do you need ROI, when you don’t need ROI for other things, like?: Meetings – massive time wasters Company coffee cups – where’s the revenue? Telephone… Read More

Find New Customers releases “7 Keys to B2B Social Media Success”

B2B Lead Generation | 7 Keys to B2B Social Media Success Social media is red-hot. And companies are struggling with it. So Find New Customers is pleased to announce the release of “7 Keys to B2B Social Media Success.” Download it today – no registration needed. Compliment of the B2B demand generation company Find New… Read More