The top 50 in sales lead management: Who do you pick to be on the list?

Don’t miss your opportunity to vote for your top three candidates to be among the “50 most influential people in sales lead management” in 2011. Why? Because the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) is closing the polls at Midnight Pacific Time (UTC-8) on Wednesday, November 30th. Both members and non-members can vote. So why don’t you click this link to cast your… Read More

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Don’t believe everything that companies tell you. Very impressive email, HubSpot. You obviously worked hard on it. One small problem – it’s not true. Those numbers are fabricated. Someone outed you in post entitled Lead Generation : How Some Marketing Software Firms Stretch the Truth. Laura Ramos, formerly with Forrester Research and now with Xerox… Read More

How to Find Real Talent (Go Beyond the Resume)

Resumes are poor predictors of people performance. “Even the most rigorous interview process and entrance exams can only provide a small snapshot of how a person performs in an organization.” Christopher Collins, Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations. (in an article in the WSJ about how companies try to lure back former employees.) LeadershipIQ found… Read More