5 Tips for Developing Strong Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas are the foundation of great B2B marketing plain and simple and there was a big discussion on Linkedin about personas recently. Fearless Competitor is the blog of the company Find New Customers and we have lots of great content for you there, as well as services like Buyer Personas. To create great lead… Read More

How I Grew GE by 242% in just 12 months and why my replacement failed

Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers once led GE for Business Objects and grew it dramatically in just 12 months. It is Martin Luther King day #MLKday and in his honor for all of my African-American friends, here’s his great quote: “Judge people on the content of their character rather than the color of… Read More

Content Marketing = Sales $, otherwise, Don’t Do It

The award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers finds a lot of marketing content on BtoB sellers websites. Some of it is pretty good. Some of it is atrocious. But most of it, I think, misses the mark of delivering revenue because of five key flaws: They lack deep buyer personas They’ve not mapped buyer… Read More

A Must Visit Site for Companies in the Tampa/St. Peterburg areas

For companies in Western Florida, especially the Tampa/St. Petersburg areas, there’s a site you really need to visit and it is Find New Customers. If you are as tired of the Florida governors race as I am, do yourself a favor and see the new superb video you will find at Find New Customers. It… Read More

To Protect Your Sales Margins, Nothing is Free

How to Win Big Deals without Giving Away the Store Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers, the nicest company in BtoB marketing today, has lots of sales experience, particularly in the software industry. I worked for Agile Software, Optum Software and Business Objects too. Did you know that this blog was named the Top B2B… Read More

Great work with Find New Customers client Mintigo yesterday

Happy clients are the key to a growing business Yesterday, I was working with their content marketing expert, Sophia Wong.  I told Sophia about the Salesforce.com blog post publishing on October 20th called “The Importance of Attitude.”.  She asked me to send her a draft and I did. She said she loved it and I… Read More

The Future of BtoB Marketing by Lee Odden

My good friend Lee Odden of Top Rank Marketing shared this fun listing of predictions on the future of BtoB marketing. I think Doug Kessler, another man I know well, has the wittiest one of all.   Please tell us which one you like best and also please visit Find New Customers. I’m also the… Read More