The Best White Paper on B2B Demand Generation Ever Written!

How to Find New Customers is the best white paper on BtoB demand generation ever written, and that is the truth. I wrote this a long time ago, and my web site is no longer active.  Sorry. One of the best ways to get more viewers to your LinkedIn profile is by adding a View My… Read More

A Down Year for Notre Dame

Notre Dame is normally expected to win 8 or 9 games in a 12 game season.  Every game is on national TV and they have more Heisman trophy winners than any other school. But this year was way down as they finished the year at 4-8. My freshman year Joe Montana was our quarterback. Losing… Read More


If you do something, become the best

One goal I have to become the best at what I do.  That’s my clear goal. I’ve played a 12 string guitar for years and taking lessons on playing rock anthems is a clear goal of mine.  Hopefully, Mark can help me set it up. I follow Fender on Twitter now. My company is now in… Read More

The New Importance of Marketing

Marketing plays a larger role than ever – in my opinion.  Ask you and your business some important question, like How do you make your company different and unique? How is your company perceived? How do people think about your company? Marketing and word of mouth plays a larger role than ever in shaping these… Read More

A good week for Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers

Lots of good things going on this week for Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers. (I do have a BBA in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame.) Much better week than Jeb Bush or Tom Brady who both have big problems. Very sad news about the helicopter in Nepal.  It was found near Mount… Read More

How to get start with Marketing – Step 1 – Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas help you create better marketing content, plain and simple. Adele Revella of The Buyer Persona Institute and Tony Zambido are the top experts in buyer personas. Suggest you visit their websites to learn more about Buyer Personas. Thanks to, Find New Customers still has all the great content from the Buyer Persona… Read More

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Find New Customers!

The most likeable company in marketing Find New Customers, wishes you and yours a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! (We call ourselves Likeable because Find New Customers is partnered with Likeable Local, which is Social Media Marketing Software to make YOU more Successful.) They keep making their product better and better and I did a great… Read More

In Content Marketing, every word matters. Thus Buyer Personas matter!

Jeff Ogden, President  of Find New Customers was trained in Buyer Personas in the Buyer Persona Master Class by the Buyer Persona Institute and Buyer Personas is one of the services we offer you. In order to use the right words in Content Marketing, Buyer Personas are essential in B2B marketing today, plain and simple.They’re the… Read More

The Top 10 Best of Everything in 2015

In this new year, the award winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers will share his top 10 best of everything for this new year with you. Since Fearless Competitor is the blog of the company Find New Customers, we hope you’ill visit that site too. Let’s have some fun here. You can’t… Read More

Marketing without buyer personas is like taking a roadtrip without a map

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers was trained in buyer personas by the Buyer Persona Institute, so when Moveo tweeted this comment about personas, it caught my eye. moveo3:06pm via Hootsuite @fearlesscomp Marketing without buyer personas is like taking a roadtrip without a map… Most businesses lack deep insights on why and how buyers buy… Read More